Pure product of the indian sub-continent. Enjoy if you can!

“Hint #482 that I’m turning indian: I bought a new charger for the Mac, and I’m not planning to remove its plastic cover.”

“Life achievement unlocked! Win a battle against Indian Customs and not pay anything (nor get anything seized) for the three bottles of wine, the countless stinky cheeses and the HDD.”

Is there any better way to end my second year-long stay in India than celebrating the union of two dear friends? Maybe stuffing myself with the gorgeous Kerala banquet offered by the hosts…

“You are creating something good, this is why I am blindly trusting you.”

– Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of Sulabh

“Enrolled for a week-long volunteer job as an interpret, between mulsim french youth, indian widows and untouchables. Huge loads of fun & photography, intercultural learning and some love drama too… ;)”

“I’m eating a masala omlet that I made myself, while listening to sufi music… Who have I become?”